Wattle Grove Engineering manufactures a diverse range of stocked items some of which include:

> Weld on thread stand-off blocks / buttons range from

   M04 to M50

> Spacer Shims/Washers

> Handrail Mount Plates

> Accessory Mounting Blocks

> Wiggins Adaptors

> Hydraulic Threaded Adaptors

> Grease Blocks

> Alternator Pulleys

> Pins

> Ladder kit items (links, pins, hinges)

> Kenworth Truck Fuel Tank Cap Savers

> Kenworth HID Light Adaptors

> Damper Shafts

> Specialized Nut Socket Tools

> E-stop Mount Adaptor Plates

> Cleat Jacking Bolts

> Turntable Lock Shear Pins, Plates, Collars

> Brake Pack Transport Brackets